Meet Your Team

CefaSoft has a small dedicated team of 6 hard working professionals, dedicated to making your business easier to manage.


Joe Walsh FCA

Joe started to program computer back in 1978. When doing his O'levels back in 1980 there were no computers in the school, and he had to send his coding sheets to Queens in Belfast to be turned into punched cards. Clearly the iPhone in his pocket is a big step forward! 

You can contact Joe via

Tel: 02890463880


Roy Montgomery

Roy is a fellow director of CefaSoft and has worked for the business for over 20 years. He is keenly involved in many of the integrations with various selling platforms, such as Amazon, eBay and Tesco.

Believe it or not but Roy is a granddad! He looks too young for that!

You can contact Roy via

Tel: 02890463880


William Morrison

William or Will has been working on customer support in CefaSoft since he was 16, when he had hair and used to play ice hockey for Ireland.

Today William is happier to be playing with his young daughter.

You can contact William via

Tel: 02890463888


Mary Walsh FCA

Mary, who is married to Joe, has worked for CefaSoft for over 20 years. Aside from her regular role as our business accountant, Mary takes an active role in proof reading all of our documentation! 

You can contact Mary via

Tel: 02890463881


Ed Spooner

Ed joined CefaSoft in 2010 and primarily looks after eCommerce websites using the AspDotNetStoreFront platform. Ed has many years of retail experience from the shop floor to being part of one of the earliest UK websites.

If you want to contact Ed,

Tel: 02890463880